Bogusław Madej with the SP9DGO project at Wall Architects

Bogusław Madej with the  SP9DGO  project at Wall Architects
Bogusław Madej, Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2014 Prize winner, will present his project in the Wall Architects showroom. The exhibition was displayed for the first time last year during our Festival, but we must admit that we impatiently await its new opening in Warsaw.

Bogusław Madej’s project entitled SP9DGO is a history of a short-wave adventure in the 1970s, told by objects belonging to the author’s friend who was active in the short-wave world under a nickname SP9DGO. The project may also be interpreted as a story about dreams on travelling the world in the times of iron curtain. Madej’s project SP9DGO was named the best portfolio at the 9th Portfolio Review at Krakow Photomonth and awarded the Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2014 Prize.


All we can do is to invite you to the opening to take place on 22 September in the Wall Architects showroom (ul. Hoża 1/11) at 7:00 p.m. The exhibition will be open until 7 October (in addition to the displayed works, the collector’s folder of the author will be available for the purchase).


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